The Eastern Partnership in Moldova: the 10th anniversary

On the 13-14th of May 2019 in Brussels, the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) was celebrated with the representatives of the European (EU) Member States and the Eastern Partners. The EaP includes the European Union (EU), EU Member States and six countries that were members of the Soviet Union: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine . In this article, we will discuss the Eastern Partnership, its history, its founding principles and its evolution. Then, we will specifically analyse this partnership in Moldova in order to see its effects.

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La question de l’élargissement de l’UE à l’Albanie et la Macédoine du Nord

L’élargissement européen aux pays des Balkans occidentaux connaît des hauts et des bas depuis plusieurs années. Cette question est revenue sur le devant de la scène ces derniers mois. En effet, lors de la campagne électorale pour les élections européennes, certains candidats ont exprimé leur opposition à cet élargissement. Actuellement, quatre pays des Balkans occidentaux sont engagés dans ce processus. Il s’agit de l’Albanie, du Monténégro, de la Macédoine du Nord ainsi que la Serbie. Il faut ajouter à cette liste un autre pays candidat, la Turquie qui ne fait pas partie de cette région.

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Conflicts, negotiations, agreements, failures: will Trump’s plan overcome this cycle?

The deal of the century highlights once again the crucial role covered by the US in the definition of the Middle East. The rumors about the plan that the Trump administration is preparing are very different and according the last statements, it will be published, following the Ramadan (a month-long fasting in Islamic tradition).

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European Union, its Neighbourhoods and Eurasia – Kazakhstan is turning the BRI Eurasian Landbridge into a vital lifeline for Central Asia ‘s sustainable development and EU industry’s global value chains.

Content 1.The new BRI Transcontinental Land Bridge: opening a New Era on Eurasian Space? 2. Kazakhstan’s decisive engagement to realise the Eurasian route connection 2.1 Rapid modernisation of the national…

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Encountering hopes and disillusions for the Western Balkans on their arduous path of the European ideal

"The Western Balkans strategy is all about a European perspective, but it is a merit-based process, meaning each country has to do its homework first. Let's use the momentum we created now and make decisive progress on the EU path" declared Commissioner Johannes Hahn. More than 15 years after the Thessaloniki Summit in June 2003, the 6 states of the Western Balkans, namely Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Kosovo (WB6), have come out of oblivion with the Summit of May 17th, 2018.

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