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(EYES ON EUROPE) Identités européenne et écossaise : le mariage est-il possible ?

Dans une Union européenne où grandit l’euroscepticisme, le gouvernement écossais, avec à sa tête le Scottish National Party (SNP), se démarque en se montrant aujourd’hui europhile. Cette tendance a été confirmée lors du vote pour le « Brexit », où le « remain » l’emporta. Une indépendance au sein de l’Union européenne est aujourd’hui l’objectif porté par cette nation, mais est-elle réalisable ?

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(Eyes On Europe) Interview of MEP Svenja Hahn

Ms Svenja has been a member of the European Parliament since June 2019, after the European elections. Coming from Hamburg, Germany, she did a master in media studies before joining the ALDE group as an executive member. In parallel, she joined the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) in 2014, becoming the President last year. Today she deals with European affairs and challenges at the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) and the Delegation for relations with the countries of Southeast Asia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (DASE) inter alia.

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(Eyes on Europe) Can we preserve the earth and capitalism ?

“Economic growth” is one of the most touted objectives of governments and companies around the world and seems to be a prerequisite of capitalism. Yet, we know that resources on our planet are limited, and the current economic system seems to lead humanity into a dead-end. Is capitalism in itself a contradiction to a sustainable economic system?

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