Le nouveau corridor transcontinental ferroviaire des ”Routes de la Soie” catalyse une dynamique nouvelle au cœur de l’Eurasie : Un atout majeur pour la nouvelle Stratégie UE – Asie centrale (Conseil Européen, 17/06/2019)

15 Septembre 2019 (Version rev.) Pierre Borgoltz EU LOGOS Athena Advisory Board member- Project H2020 SEnECA – (Première version publiée les 11 et 15 Juillet 2019 - site EULOGOS) Résumé…

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The Eastern Partnership in Moldova: the 10th anniversary

On the 13-14th of May 2019 in Brussels, the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) was celebrated with the representatives of the European (EU) Member States and the Eastern Partners. The EaP includes the European Union (EU), EU Member States and six countries that were members of the Soviet Union: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine . In this article, we will discuss the Eastern Partnership, its history, its founding principles and its evolution. Then, we will specifically analyse this partnership in Moldova in order to see its effects.

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Prostitution in the EU, or how the lack of legal harmonization goes against the EU’s values

A resolution was adopted by the European Parliament (EP) in February 2014 that defined prostitution and forced prostitution as a matter of gender equality and recommended that all Member States took action to fight it, especially with the endorsement of the “Nordic model” implemented in Sweden, Iceland, Norway and, since 2016, in France. However, across the European Union (EU), there are still several types of legislations in place and this heterogeneity makes it harder to combat sexual exploitation. Indeed, it is actually giving sex traffickers blurred borders to work with. A contradiction therefore arises between the values promoted by the EU and its legislative action to tackle the issues it is denouncing. By not implementing a legally compelling legislation, the EU seems to be going against its values.

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