Trafics des êtres humains : l’OSCE appelle à combattre vigoureusement non seulement les trafics mais aussi les causes. Plus de justice sociale.

 OSCE Special Representative calls for enhanced social justice to better prevent and combat trafficking in human beings .

The OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator  for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, on the  occasion of the World Day for Social Justice, emphasized that working towards  social justice includes promoting the social inclusion of the most vulnerable  people, those who are deprived of any rights and social protection. This is also essential to preventing and fighting trafficking in human beings.

It is our duty to stand by those who every day suffer a terrible and manifest injustice – women, men and a significant number of children who are exploited and forced to work long hours even 14 hours a day without pay, receiving little food, often beaten and threatened if they want to leave. We cannot tolerate this situation, which involves millions of people worldwide, said Giammarinaro.

Among trafficked persons are societys most vulnerable – the poor and socially excluded, often discriminated against on grounds such as sex, age, ethnic origin, membership of a national minority, or immigrant background, who live outside the protection of the rule of law.

Trafficked persons are deprived of their rights  as human beings and as workers  and are forced to contribute to economic growth without receiving  any fair reward. ?This is modern-day slavery, said Giammarinaro. To prevent and fight against trafficking in human beings means to promote  decent work, to build societies free from the cancer of organized crime and  corruption, based on the principles of non-discrimination and the rule of law, and inspired by the ideal of social justice, in which human rights and fundamental freedoms can really flourish.    


Adeline Silva Pereira

Après avoir effectué la deuxième année du master Sécurité Globale analyste politique trilingue à l'Université de Bordeaux, j'effectue un stage au sein d'EU Logos afin de pouvoir mettre en pratique mes compétences d'analyste concernant l'actualité européenne sur la défense, la sécurité et plus largement la coopération judiciaire et policière.

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