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#factoftheday 10th EU Anti-Trafficking Day: intensifying anti-trafficking projects

18th October is declared as the EU Anti-Trafficking Day since 2007 following a recommendation of the European Parliament, and a proposal of the Commission. In this special day many events are celebrated across the EU, bringing together all relevant actors working for eradicating trafficking in human beings.

On the occasion of the 10th EU Anti-Trafficking, the European Commission urged a reinvigoration of joint efforts across the Union to eradicate trafficking in human beings.

The Commission presented yesterday a comprehensive policy review of anti-trafficking projects implemented between 2004 and 2016, which entails 40 priority actions including: increased prosecution of traffickers, identifying, protecting and assisting victims of trafficking, among others.

EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, Myria Vassiliadou, affirmed: « We will now build on the results of this study, which examines anti-trafficking projects funded by the Commission and their contribution towards the objectives of the EU Anti-Trafficking Strategy. Our priorities should be to focus on both the identification of and early and effective support for victims of trafficking, to fight against traffickers and to address the trafficking chains and improve our knowledge and understanding of trafficking through data collection at national and EU level (…)”

Adeline Silva Pereira

Après avoir effectué la deuxième année du master Sécurité Globale analyste politique trilingue à l'Université de Bordeaux, j'effectue un stage au sein d'EU Logos afin de pouvoir mettre en pratique mes compétences d'analyste concernant l'actualité européenne sur la défense, la sécurité et plus largement la coopération judiciaire et policière.

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