#FactOfTheDay 14/05/2018 – Euroscepticism at close range of Italy
Matteo SALVINI - 8th Parliamentary term

#FactOfTheDay 14/05/2018 – Euroscepticism at close range of Italy

Today, the two antisystem parties, namely 5 Star and the League (formerly theLeague of the North) are ready to announce their government agreement. Luigi Di Maio, the young leader of the M5S and Matteo Salvini, the leader of the League will be received on Monday at the Quirinale, the presidential palace to announce the name of the President of the Council on which they are granted.

Italy was going under a political paralysis since March 5th, it finally reaches its end. None of the two parties will reveal the name before its announcement. However, Luigi Di Maio insured that it will be a “politician, not a technician”. After two days of negotiations, the M5S and the League, which won 32% and 17% of the vote in the legislative elections, have found common ground on pension reform, taxation and perhaps even immigration, despite the great difficulty of the League in matters. The candidate to run Italy should be a third person not belonging to either the League or the M5S. It must also be authoritative internationally and be able to make the Eurosceptic tone of the future executive compatible with Brussels.

This announcement is a serious concern for Europe’s neighbors as it gets a particular Eurosceptic tone.

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