#FactOfTheDay 14/11/2018 – Hamas and Israel agree on a ceasefire after two days of violence
A picture taken on August 9, 2018 shows people inspecting the rubble of a building following an Israeli air strike on Gaza City. At least 18 Palestinians were wounded as Israel struck a building in central Gaza City, the health ministry in the Palestinian enclave said, after hours of relative calm. The strike hit a building that Palestinians say housed a cultural centre and other offices in the middle of the city, an AFP correspondent said. Israel's military had not commented. / AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD HAMS

#FactOfTheDay 14/11/2018 – Hamas and Israel agree on a ceasefire after two days of violence

Hamas officials, as well as other smaller groups, have announced overnight that they have accepted the agreement mediated by the UN and Egypt. This agreement comes after two days of intense violence that has been described as the worse since the 2014 fights. According to Israel, over 400 rockets have been launched from Gaza and Israeli warplanes carried out more than 100 bombings. Hamas has stated that the escalation of violence is a response to a secret Israeli operation inside the Gaza strip. Seven Palestinians lost their lives and one person was killed in Israel.

Dawit Tesfay

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Dawit Tesfay

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