Obscure Episodes of Right-Wing Politics

Almost every day, new stories emerge about some populist right-wing politician doing something outrageous. Whether it is another racist Trump-tweet, some right-wing party seeking Russian funding, or hate-speech against immigrants. What once used to terminate a political career has become distinguished etiquette for the populist far-right. Media, civil society, and politicians seem helpless in finding an adequate response. None of these scandals seem to threaten the political success of the far-right. How can this development be explained?

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Is populism protectionism’s champion ?

The point of this paper is not to determine if the critics toward neo-liberal theories are justified or to measure the optimum degree of protectionism needed in an economy. However, using the example of Matteo Salvini’s discourses toward food safety in Europe, we will demonstrate how national-populism uses protectionism arguments, despite its political action not going in that direction.

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#LaRéplique. Changement de cap : les populistes veulent rester dans l’UE ?

A moins de quatre mois des élections européennes de mai 2019, les leaders des partis politiques d’Europe ont lancé leurs campagnes électorales. Tel est le cas en France de Marine Le Pen, leader du parti politique Rassemblement National, et de son collègue et sympathisant italien Matteo Salvini, candidat du parti eurosceptique la Ligue

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