You are currently viewing #FactOfTheDay 22/11/2018 – John Roberts decided to speak out

#FactOfTheDay 22/11/2018 – John Roberts decided to speak out

The US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts publicly exposed his point of view regarding president Donald Trump. This is the first time, since Donald Trump has been elected that a supreme judge is speaking out publicly, in order to criticize the Trump administration, and the president himself. The source of the contention between Roberts and Trump could be traced back to last Tuesday, when Trump referred to Roberts as a « Obama judge ». Roberts told the Associated Press, that no such thing exists, neither « Clinton judges, Bush judges or Trump judges ». Instead, Judge Roberts congratulated his country and its judicial system for being an independent one.  Roberts said that he is proud of the very dedicated judges that serve the United States, an « extraordinary » group doing their very best. Trump responded as always, through the social network twitter, this is where the « battle » started. It is actually not a real « clash », it is just the usual Trump habit to confront online by being provocative and arouse those who dare not being on his side.

Victor Gardet

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