You are currently viewing #FactOfTheDay 23/01/19 – Macron and Merkel sign a French-German treaty in Aachen.

#FactOfTheDay 23/01/19 – Macron and Merkel sign a French-German treaty in Aachen.

On Tuesday 22nd January, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel gathered in Aachen, Germany, to sign a new treaty as a demonstration of the cooperation between the two countries and of the European strength.

A lot of criticism about this treaty has been spread mainly from the French Far-Right Parties, such as Marine Le Pen’s “Rassemblement National” claiming that it implies a secession of Alsace to Germany and a sharing of French seats on the UN Security Council, two information that are false. Indeed, it is reported that France will only use its full weight to ensure that Germany can get its permanent seat.

From a military perspective, this treaty sets up a new common Defense and Security Council which will strengthen the military cooperation by organizing joint deployments and by merging armament programs. The two countries also signed a “Mutual Defense Clause”, which will allow them to bring assistance to the other in case of a terrorist attack.

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