The cost of non-Europe in legal migration

The European Union (EU) has sought to build a comprehensive immigration policy in which legally residing non-EU nationals, referred to as third-country nationals (TCNs), should be treated fairly and in a non-discriminatory manner. However, a number of gaps and barriers in the legislation adopted can still be identified. This concerns notably the lack of incorporation and implementation of international and EU human rights as well as labour standards. Different treatment between TCNs and further barriers lead to missed opportunities (so to an unoptimal situation) which lower revenue collection for individuals and for society (via taxes). Further EU action in this area could address these gaps by reinforcing existing standards and ensuring a better implementation of immigration policies.

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#LaRéplique. Orban launches media campaign on migrants against Juncker and Soros: « Let’s stop Brussels! »

The Hungarian government of Viktor Orban launched a media campaign on Facebook against the American investor and philanthropist George Soros and the President of the European commission Jean-Claude Juncker. The Hungarian prime minister accused them to “encourage illegal immigration and to undermine the country’s borders”

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Procédures d’infraction du mois de septembre 2015 : la Commission vise le respect du droit d’asile

Le mardi 22 septembre 2015, la Commission européenne a annoncé le lancement de 56 procédures d’infraction à l’encontre des pays européens ne respectant pas le droit européen ou ne se conformant pas à leurs obligations européennes. Si ces 56 procédures visent plusieurs secteurs de la politique européenne, pour ce mois de septembre la Commission a relevé surtout un non-respect du droit d’asile de la part des Etats membres. 41 procédures relatives à la mauvaise application du système européen d’asile ont été lancées à l’encontre de 19 Etats membres. (suite…)

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