You are currently viewing #FactOfTheDay 09/07/2018 – Erdogan inaugurated, hard times for his opponents

#FactOfTheDay 09/07/2018 – Erdogan inaugurated, hard times for his opponents

Today is Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s inauguration. After winning the last election(24 Juin) with a score of 54%, times have never been so hard for his opponents. Indeed, on the eve of his inauguration, it’s more than 18,000 civil servants who were fired in Turkey. Since the coup attempt against Erdogan, the government has transferred more than 125,000 people, introduced a state of emergency and taken drastic measures against the media and the opposition. With the decree-law issued Sunday, 8,998 police officers, 3,077 soldiers of the army, 1,949 of the air force, 1,126 of the navy, 1,052 employees of the Ministry of Justice, 649 gendarmes, 199 academics were fired… as well as12 associations, 3 newspapers and a television channel were also closed.

During his election campaign, Erdogan promised to lift the state of emergency. Local journalists say Yesterday’s purge may be the last before announcing the end of the state of emergency. However, the aftermath is tough for the opposition to the Turkish president. Indeed, the circumstantial alliance formed by the opposition parties during the electoral campaign has ceased to exist.

Today comes also into force a new presidential system in which all the executive powers belong to the Head of state. The latter may, in particular, promulgate presidential decrees. Although, Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), on the other hand, insists that many of the new measures are progressive. Nevertheless, Turkey’s western allies have accused President Erdogan of using the failed coup of July 2016 as an excuse to crack down » against his opponents.

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