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Left to right: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arriving with NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemeoller

#FactOfTheDay 11/07/2018 – NATO Summit in Brussels

NATO Summit kicks off today in Brussels. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will start the meeting with an introductory press conference, waiting for the sessions that will bring together the 29 Heads of State and Government between today and tomorrow. The doorsteps of the leaders are expected on Wednesday afternoon, while a second press conference of Stoltenberg will put an end on his work at 5.15 pm. On Thursday, Allies will be joined by the leaders of Georgia and Ukraine, while a specific session will be dedicated to the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan and will see the involvement of current and potential partners.

President Donald Trump will be at the meeting.  He has largely been focusing on one issue: getting all NATO members to meet a pledge of 2% spending on defense. His main objection is that all but a handful of member states have still not increased their defence budgets to meet a goal of spending at least 2% of their annual economic output on defence by 2024.

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