#FactOfTheDay – 01/10/2018 – USA and Canada agree on a new deal replacing NAFTA

#FactOfTheDay – 01/10/2018 – USA and Canada agree on a new deal replacing NAFTA

This Sunday, Canada and the USA have reached a new agreement replacing NAFTA. After a new accord had been signed between USA and Mexico this August, the new agreement reached this Sunday involve USA and Canada. Donald Trump had long promised to renegotiate and change the past deal that he characterized as a failure. Concerns had been made whether Trump would exclude Canada or not as he promised if the negotiations would have failed. However, it seems like they managed to seal a deal. The full content of the agreement has yet not been revealed but what we know so far is that it would give to the USA a greater access to Canada’s dairy market while protecting the latter’s automobile industry from the US tariffs.

Dawit Tesfay

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